Memphis TN-FedEx employee accused of killing mechanic with tractor-trailer

Thanks for your post xanl/h,this is one fatal trucking report I could never bring myself to hit the (LIKE) button.
In my opinion it looks like it was more an error on the drivers part then a deliberate act of homicide.
Where I worked they chocked the wheels, locked out the ignition & wouldn't let you anywhere near the the truck when the did any maint. including changing a tire.

Rest In Peace.
At Jack Cooper they took keys out of ignition and put them in the zip bag with the write up..This was going on 20 years ago...I'm almost positive it is an OSHA rule to do this.. Also, Fed Ex Ground road drivers are not the safest on the highway either. Most are OOs or drive for OOs
That is not the first time a mechanic has been injured/killed by someone starting & moving a truck while work was being done. I saw a hostler move a trailer while a mechanic was under it. A few years ago a driver was mad at the dispatcher & drove off with a mechanic on a ladder working on trailer lights. The mechanic held on to the trailer until the driver started out the gate then he jumped & cleared the wheels. He was off work for a long time & came close to death.