Holland | Merger is off?

Plenty, now that they started double stacking them to get twice the amount of product on the trailer. NP Scranton terminal handling the whole Northeast distribution.
There was some air. Now they're stacking the air and they're hauling a whole lot of air.
The entire calculation is based on X=2
Step 2 is correct 2X=4
Steps 3 and 4 are correct 0=0
Step 5 is wrong. 2+X cannot equal X. You have already established that X=2. Step 5 says 2=4.
I was just going to say I was doing the equation and they lost me around step 5 I said step 5 doesn't make any sense and step 5 wasn't correct and your right I forgot that you can have a bad equation in algebra that is "null set" and doesn't work out. Thanks for the help, I was a little rusty.
Slave, I am trying to let you know that a lot of my pickups were US manufactured products. But I understand your feelings about foreign garbage. That’s why I don’t shop Walmart or similar stores. Guns, if not made in the US I won’t buy them. Mossberg is about the only shotgun that I will buy. Those cheap Chinese pieces of crap are worthless.
On a side note, I don't understand people getting into gobs of consumer debt with credit cards just so they can go buy a bunch of trash at Wal-Mart. Buying $600 worth of junk at Wal-Mart every other day or week I just don't get it.