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MIQ Logistics Launch Brings Proven Supply Chain Solutions to Clients Worldwide

'New' company formed through acquisition of YRC Logistics

OVERLAND PARK, Kan., Aug. 16 /PRNewswire/ -- MIQ Logistics, formerly YRC Logistics, is entering the market as a "new" company, following completion of the sale of the company by YRC Worldwide Inc. to Austin Ventures. MIQ Logistics specializes in international freight forwarding, customs brokerage, transportation management, truckload services, and dedicated warehouse and fulfillment services in North America, Latin America, Europe and Asia.

"MIQ Logistics carries forward the people, client focus and services of YRC Logistics," says John Carr, president and chief operating officer. "Added to that, we have the solid financial backing of Austin Ventures to invest in expanding our offerings and continuing the development of our global network."

Carr explains that the name MIQ Logistics draws from the company's heritage. "Many remember us as 'MIQ,' and recall our successful, rapid growth to over a billion dollar organization. We want our new company to build on that strong reputation with a commitment to service and flawless execution. The new MIQ Logistics is prepared with the depth of experience and breadth of services needed to improve the overall performance of our clients' supply chains."

David Lack, partner with Austin Ventures, adds, "Austin Ventures is looking forward to embarking on this next step and partnering with management to build upon the successful history of YRC Logistics. We are committed to growing and expanding the business."...................

MIQ Logistics Launch Brings Proven Supply Chain Solutions to Clients Worldwide -- OVERLAND PARK, Kan., Aug. 16 /PRNewswire/ --
And now that they are a separate entity they'll be free to use the owner operators thye have been craving, another brilliant move from our leader.
Yep good find ! :1036316054:

John Carr President of YRC Logistics and Chief Operating Officer of YRC Logistics YRC Regional Transportation, Inc.: CEO & Executives - BusinessWeek

Well a little more research and I may have been wrong ( first time ) here's this Jon Carr Bio link Leadership Team : MIQ Logistics Inc. - Intelligent Global Solutions (tm)

............Carr has more than 25 years of experience in global logistics. He has distinguished himself in his work with clients on solutions design and subsequent implementation, demonstrating that execution is the key to success in the supply-chain world. Before MIQ Logistics, Carr was president of Global Supply Chain Management at BAX Global Logistics. He was group vice president and, later, executive vice president of Sales & Marketing at Fritz Companies. Carr also held leadership positions at Profit/LEP International (GEO Logistics), Pandair Freight and Behring International............
R14 Did't this Carr have something to do with Roadway services and ran them into the ground?

I wouldn't call it ran them into the ground, bought out by Fedex that's the only decent stock I have left, rolled from Roadway Services to Caliber to Fedex shares. RPS turned into FedEx Ground Viking survived as the basis of FedEx Frieght. Spartan and Coles got the shaft.
Remember meridian this what MIQ stands for?hopefully I'm not at a DUH moment

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