Miracle in Hobbs, New Mexico


Not acceptable.

Where I was raised there were a thousand firehalls ready at any time to take in infants or those who could not be taken care of anymore. Not necessarily a thousand of them but its a form of emphasis on how welcoming they were.

My family had it's share of challenges but we got through it and to watch the nephews and neices get married and now have children themselves I would like to think they did well.

I was a trucker and children was not a good fit into that lifestyle at all. You could not depend on a future in such a industry that disposes of drivers as easily as one disposes of trash.
This is not surprising to me. Democrats have been trying to kill babies for many years with taxpayer funding. Some progressives want to kill babies at birth. I see very little difference in what this woman did & what goes on every day in this country. The woman could have sold the child to Planned Parenthood & the baby would have been cut up & body parts sold for a large profit.


Just passing thru on my way home
Praise God those folks found that baby alive.
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