Is that left turn legal there? I can't make out the white sign below the stop sign. That intersection looks like it should be right turn only.
I must reserve my thunder a little bit, Im enraged by the stupidity of the RV. And the particular intersection geometry does not support that sort of pathing I guess by the RV.

And any company wanna bitch and cry about hard braking they can shove it up their ass. Theres been a few in my lifetime where people did not get killed. You would think with the cry baby bosses nannying my braking that day would prefer to have say three children and two adult parents killed outright. ::shit:: like that at the Corporate and Industry pressure makes a driver less careful.

As far as the Blue having to do what he did in the time and space he did it in... its textbook. Beautiful. I can tell you right now theres thousands in damage to at least the drive tires. All 8 of them and at least one of the trailer tire sets back there. Its what 500 some dollars a tire today? That RV committed a damage and should pay for that.

There is most certainly freight damage. I can almost remember 24 pallets tumbling to the nose in that kind of braking. Half the load would then be rejected for OSD and damages may approach 100,000 if not more for most common stuff in a box. Ive hauled very high dollar freight and it would be horrifying to see a million in smashed glass vials pooling under the rig.

The rest of it will take me a few days to cool off. Ive worked with big RV's in the past at the auction house and those are not fun at all. Driving big houses. I hate them so much which is one of the reasons that I dont do well with stupid stuff like this RV. They cannot be this willfully stupid.

And finally but not least... I am almost at the point that anyone in a large coacher RV do not know what they are doing. 55,000 pounds of bullshit. People will get hurt trying that sort of stuff. Its not worth it.
I had one years ago in a freaking winnebago towing a huge boat on a whipped big block.

There I am downgrade off the Conowingo driving six white horses on US 1 southbound and the damn thing waddles off the shoulder just past the hilltop I just pulled in front of me.

I had three with me and two coming on in the other lane. Forest on both sides. Canned Soda in the back. 48 pallets from Seabrook NH for washington Giant Foods.

The required time to abuse the rig and avoid everything on all of us and profanity on the radio was something. Many cans were refused OSD, several pallets destroyed. Three tires flatspotted a spring U Bolt bent along with alignment issues after in the front end. Everything in that cabover shaken down, some was destroyed. (Coffee spills etc)

And that stupid winnebago slowly gained speed away from the five of us. I went into the woods to have a smoke from that spot after going over it with the other four. That rubber marked the pavement for 6 months.

And the company? They made sure I paid all of that out of my check. However the 2000 dollar alignment was taken care of because it was in need of it anyway. And the sodas? I have not had a can of that ::shit:: to this day. I would never.

This was back in the 80's long before a internet and all that mess. And with today's trucks and so on I gaurantee you there would have been fatals, just a matter of how many. And what really pissed me off was how big that goddamn whaler was on the back of that littly ball hitch of that damn thing. You only see those in Beantown etc.