Yellow | MR-UE-01-06/2022 Decision

Why in Hell would this company attempt another Larger Train Wreck ?
The change in the West is still a disaster $$$
Then again when the company canned the relay and went sleepers it was a train wreck for a bit too.
Hold sleeper teams until Sunday in the East to get everything going West together then send them out all a once. Great idea ... In the mean time out West was hot and heavy running trailers to the rail yard with their East freight.
Monday morning 30 teams show up with freight and nothing to do but pay them to sit or run up a motel bill.
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Are they going to match Estes pay?

Linehaul up 3 cents to 77cpm
XB up 3.25 cents to 80.5cpm
Team up 4 cents… not sure what those guys are making these days
City at my terminal got up $1.85 to $32.25
They found some convoluted way to give the hourly folks a little for working 9p-5a and weekends. Anybody make sense of this yet?