Holland | My 2 cents worth (minus 15%) on why this should be voted down

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Sorry in advance for the long post....But it is necessary.....KK

My 2 cents worth (minus 15%) on why this should be voted down:

1: Do not sell your soul for the “bonus” they are proposing…it is not income to be taxed, it is a bonus that the IRS will tap for a 45% tax and will have to see if you get any back at the end of the year when you file your taxes.

Giving up a raise for April 2014 ($.40 @ 40 hours per week is $832.00 a year) it will be a loss of income of –$82 for that year minimum. (Does Not Count Your OT)

We DO NOT get a raise for the first 2 years. A Bonus is not a raise, it is a carrot on a string.

In April 2015, the same applies EXCEPT, if you have NOT been an “active employee for the prior twelve (12) months, you will get NOTHING in a bonus, due to you being laid off. You can see where this one can be abused…lay off employees in the 4th Q of 2014 and they will save tons on not having to pay you a bonus…. DO NOT BE FOOLED!

2: THERE WILL BE NO WAGE INCREASES for “Clerical employees, non-CDL employees dock employees, janitors, and porters for FIVE (5) YEARS”

If you are a Hostler without a CDL, this will include you too!

We should all stand together and fight this effort of making these Brothers & Sisters a “second-class Teamster! An injury to one is an injury to all!

3: PENSION CONTRIBUTIONS: They will ONLY pay 25% for the 2009 rate until 2019…. 10 YEARS WITHOUT increased contributions!

We have not gotten ANY comments on how Central States and all the other Funds feel about this and what it could do to jeopardize the Pension Funds.

4: HEALTH & WELFARE FUNDS: NO INCREASE IN 2014…2015 ONLY AN INCREASE OF $.35 AND $.50 FOR 2015 BEFORE IT GOES TO $1.00 FOR 2016/2017 & 2018…. Who do you think will make up the difference if this is passed and the Funds come up short during these 5 years? You and I because the members voted it in and the Employer will NOT be responsible for ANYTHING outside of what was voted in! DON’T BE FOOLED!

5: Profit Sharing Bonuses: SERIOUSLY? I wont go there!


Attendance Policy…. There is not a set time for this to roll off your record in this MOU, no 6 or 9 months in writing…Do YOU want to be the one who has to be discharged because of something that was on your attendance records from a year ago and wait on the SLOW MOU Grievance process to decide? DON’T BE FOOLED!

VACATIONS; You will LOSE part of your vacation check that you worked hard for! Changing the formula will be an loss of a minimum of $100 per week for local cartage and an average of $130 per week for a road driver based just on an average of $65K a year…some will loose even more…SEE NOW WHO IS PAYING FOR THAT $750 BONUS??


This voting to give YOUR WORK AWAY…6% of Linehaul work will be allowed to be sub-contracted out between Distribution Centers, while you are sitting home…but you will be “red circled” and cannot be laid-off…That is to make us feel better?

This combined with intermodal miles will have a total of 26% of YOUR work being farmed out under Article 29 of the NMFA. This will give them the right to run over another road domicile and only the original point of the trip will have its drivers protected…. any other relay terminal in between with a road domicile WILL NOT BE PROTECTED, example…Charlotte, NC could run directly over Atlanta and Jackson, MS to Dallas, TX with a sub-contractor and ONLY the Charlotte drivers would be protected, if their board is exhausted in Charlotte it would not even matter there!

They already have set up a “National PTS Committee to handle any disputes with the drivers…why? If there were going to go by their own rules, there should not be any disputes, should they? Just what we need, another Committee to slow down our rights to a grievance decision even more!

THIS WAS NOT NEGOTIATED BY THE IBT…. this is a unilateral proposal that the company has given to the IBT for consideration for a vote. It was said in the meeting that it will be sent to the members, ‘so they could decide their own destiny”…what a bunch of BS….WE PAY UNION DUES to protect our workplace rights and work and to have OUR DESTINY protected by those we trust to do so….Not send this crap to members who see the things like “bonuses” and do not look at the big picture here.


Did you happen to read the comment by Welch on his own web site? Here it is!
"The reality is that while all union and non-union employees have made sacrifices, our pay remains competitive and our union health care benefits are considerably above market. Our reduced pension contribution is also market competitive compared to our non-union competition (which we must use as a comparison since they hold the largest share of the LTL market)."
"Considerably above market." YRC has decided to lower our union standards/benefits down to the non-union level.

I found that comment very insightful, I believe that they will have almost reached their goal. That is if that non union level does not drop even lower.

Count me a NO, I will collect unemployment till spring if need be and go non union job hunting at that time. I do not want to do that, I would much rather keep my good union job, But I am only 54 years old with ten or twelve years left to work, I can not afford to work eight years for two years of pension growth, at this rate their will not be a big enough monthly check to pay for groceries and the bare essentials. I would rather try to get about eleven years in a 401K with some sort of match, if a guy put in about ten percent he might be able to accumulate a little bit.
I like how Welch is spinning this. According to him, It's not about how they have mismanaged all of the concession money, lowered the wages, or even about changes in operating procedures in an effort to get more efficient. It's just that YRCW is still "competitive" with the non Union's packages. So it's all good in his mind. I remember the good old days when we could feel proud that we were the "best of the best", and got paid accordingly.