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My opinion new contract offer

Lets start with fundamentals starting pay 90% of $20.39 (good money 15 years ago) or $18.35 to start. $4 less than FedEx and less than most other carriers. New hires like all of us have bills to pay. 50 hour work week 22 days per month $968 less. You want to work here it is 55-60 hours or $1200 month. (about a house payment) we will get the new men that the other carriers don’t want. Cost comparison based on 22 work days per month.
Line haul pay .4975/mile. .15 mile less than Estes. Common 2500 mile work week= $1650 per month short. $19,800 per year short. Estes also pays $31 hour for clock time.
Pension benefit cost the company $40.70 day $203.50 per week. 6% 401k match at other companies for linehaul is easily $97.50 per week. (Estes) Driver pays $97.50 or total 195 per week for reirement.
Teamster Health and welfare cost $344.30 per week. Estes coverage is virtually the same as ours. Low co-pays, a little out of pocket. 90/10 on service same dental and eyecare. We have short term disability. Estes has short and long term disability. I could not get exact dollar figures for Estes cost but, insurance is insurance same coverage cost the same. For family coverage drivers pay $50 week.
Standard Forwarding contract negotiators don’t like these comparisons. They claim it is comparing apples to oranges. The company pays more for the Teamster pension by $466 per month. The company pay less fot health and welfare by $200 per month. Benefits cost Standard $266 per month more while they save $1650 per month in drivers pay. Net to Standard Forwarding $1384 per month, $16608 per year per man times 450 men (closer to500) = $7,473,600 pey year to the company. That is enough cash to buy 60 tractors at $125,000 each.
So forgive your Teamster empolyees for thinking you are dishonest when you plead poverty.