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FedEx Freight | Need any more reason to get out???


FedEx Freight May Put Shipments on Rail in Future
William B. Cassidy | Apr 27, 2010 6:12PM GMT
The Journal of Commerce Online - News Story
LTL | Intermodal Shipping | Trucking | United States
Intermodal could work for FedEx as services, supply chains change, chief says
Trucking company FedEx Freight, which has pointedly rejected rail transport in the past, could switch and turn to intermodal in coming years if the price is right and customers want the option.
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Yeah, I could see FedEx using rail in the economy class shipping lanes, no big deal every other carrier does it.Why shouldn't we?


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The transportation industry is changing rapidly, and carriers must also be ready to change, Bill Logue, president of FedEx Freight, told shippers at the NASSTRAC annual meeting this week in Orlando, Fla. "Customers want options," said Logue, president of FedEx Freight.

That paragraph has a 5th grade feel to it.

How many times does it identify Bill Logue as President of FedEx Freight?... All in the same sentence?

...and for our "It's My 1st Post and The Sky Is Falling" friend, How is Intermodal a barometer to get out? You may be one of the lucky ones that get to haul trailers to and from the rail yard all for the big coin you get paid hourly. Don't knock it 'til you are either on the outside looking in or it's sitting in your lap waiting for you to make YOUR decision.
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I undrstand fedex is trying to buy a small railroad ... if that happens it gives them rights to use ALL the rails ... for a fee of course.


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Big deal let them buy a small railroad but they still have to pay through the nose to use UP's tracks and intermodel is how JB Hunt has survived and propered in this rotten economy. If running intermodel to the rail yard and back was the only way to keep my job after 17yrs, show me the way.


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I doubt they are trying to buy a railroad.

With our Alaska operation, the drivers for the Horizon come to our yard to pick up the cans. We used to do it ourselves awhile back, but you could really get tied up in the ports.

I don't see anything wrong with using trains to move the cheap freight. Maybe they'll have a third option for customers, sub-economy. When it doesn't matter when it will get there.


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The Union Pacific Railroad used to own Overnite. So Fedex buying a small trunk line to replace Watkins makes sense.
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