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Politics | Netherlands joins Germany in abandoning “green” agenda, restarting coal plants to fulfill energy needs amid ongoing crisis


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Almost immediately after Germany announced that it is restarting its coal-fired power plants to deal with the ongoing energy crisis it helped create, The Netherlands announced that it is following suit.

After proudly going “green,” these two Western European countries have come to the realization that fossil fuels are, in fact, necessary to keep their economies afloat. And since they no longer want to do business with Russia, that energy is going to have to come from somewhere.

“Because the risk of gas shortages has increased, the cabinet has decided today to withdraw the production limitation for coal-fired power stations for 2022 to 2024 with immediate effect,” announced energy minister Rob Jetten.



There is barely enough electricity produced now and all these countries know. Obama just had a giant propane tank installed on his ocean front compound up there.
If we freeze they don’t give a damn, should be obvious they are laughing at us.
We have the coal for a thousand years under our own feet. If we needed to we can generate ersatz fuel for trucks and trains out of it among other things. AND export some to Europe as we have done for a couple hundred years.

The sad fact is that Baltimore Curtis Bay Coal probably does not exist anymore or is non functional since the explosion some time ago and Newport News will have to do some catching up.

Charleston is working on a deeper harbor so that big ships can come get it.

We have the coal baby. Come get it. Dontcha dig it honey?
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