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From a company like od its so funny to hear those words. Remember this post. I have heard that so many times insinuating that od will be around when others wont. Better check what company has the biggest debt ratio slick.
[/quote]If your able to service that debt(OD has'nt to ask or beg banks or creditors to defer payments like other outfits have)Does'nt really matter does it?
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I believe the loophole in the law that allows freight carriers to be exempt from paying overtime after 40 has something to do with hauling freight across state lines.clearly the difference with union carriers is the contract.others that provide overtime after 40 have a lot to do with their desire either to keep their workforce happier or to conteract a union presence. this is not meant in a negative way just a statement. of course i could be way off base about that.

There is NO loophole...in the United States, there are at LEAST 8 job classes that don't HAVE to be paid OT. It's in the US labor code, therefore a federal law. You are correct... INTERSTATE trucking is one, Merchant Marines are another, people who collect maple syrup are another...people who work in Movie theaters are another.....Junk yard workers other used auto parts folks & radio station employess in town less than 10,000 are another. There are two more, but I'm tired of typing!! Also contractual employees..(Managers, supervisor, etc) are not covered under the law. Teamsters Union contracts typically call for OT after 8 hours.
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City drivers are not covered by HOS regulations?It has always been 60 in 7days for city,and 70 in 8 for road.Not sure what rules OD could be operating under.Guess I will have to go to their terminal here and ask that one.

I concur.....CITY men operate under the 60 hour/7 day rule.....road men under 70 hour 8 day rule. but both are subject to FEDERAL HOS rules.
In regards to OD paying out OT .... YES THEY PAY OT AFTER 60 hrs !!!! I personally have earned OT pay and I know FOR FACT that some of my coworkers have as well. You are allowed 70 hrs a week as long as your drive time each day/night is no more than 11 hrs and on duty time is no more than 14 hrs . However DOT regs will allow one 16 hr on duty day per week . OD will not allow that and they no longer want anyone to get more than 60 hrs per week .
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