FedEx Freight | New break bulk Rochester, New York

Is it going to be a new center or does ROC have a big enough center now? That would help get pressure off BUF since they have the Canadian freight in the yard. BUF could have been the break but the yard is too small.
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ROC is like a 29 door center

I guess this means they will expand or get another yard.
The Buffalo terminal is a leased facility with one or two more years left on the lease. Buffalo is a more ideal location for a breakbulk because of its proximity to Canada. The former Roadway breakbulk is sitting idle across town and is up for sale, and it is right around the corner from National LTL. I will believe the Rochester rumor when I see it.
Supposed to be 120-140 doors... The lot is 61-66 acres. We have heard several different reasons for this which is centered around the Canadian theme or relay pt. between New England and Chicago. 15 million dollar project. The current building is 30 doors, 7 of which are used for inbound trailers which range from 20-30 a day. Do not believe any center is going to "run" to ROC. It is centrally located and is under 600 miles to CGT and IND, as well as any center in New England. The center will be located 1 minute off of I-490 on the west side of the city.
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