Yellow | new business plan needed


TB Regular
the only plan i see is for the fat cats to turn to us and say" you make too much money" when they fail.
a new plan is required, a plan shared with all employees, and if it works, the benefits shared as well.

from what i can see, if our continued sacrifice puts yrc "in the black," big shots already well paid will get significant bonuses.

i don't care what the big shots make, but i don't want them rewarded for failure, or rewarded from my sacrifice. i can only spend my paycheck, not theirs, but i want an incentive for performance/profit sharing at all levels.

if this shipwreck can be saved, it was all of us, not just welch and some overpaid cronies.
I don't believe the banks require all these cuts and extensions to refinance the interest on the loan. I believe it's YRC putting more in their pockets for as long as YRC floats...