New Compensation Policy


TB Lurker
Beginning this Fall, all OTR and Dedicated drivers with Schneider National will only receive pay raises when they attain (2) of their last (4) quarterly bonuses. Previously, drivers and office associates received pay raises according to tenure with the company.

Quarterly bonuses are attained by keeping certain criteria within pre-determined levels. Idle percentage, overspeed, safety, and service performance are the criteria considered for the bonus.
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Intermodal drivers must get their Performance Bonus all year, then don't get a raise until the following quarter after their date of hire. I am sure glad that I am leaving this company.
Butcherman, I was unaware of the Intermodal pay policy. I do not blame you for going elsewhere for employment. Without a doubt, many more drivers are doing the same thing. Schneider seemed like a good company to work for when I started in 2006, but things have gone down hill fast. Good luck in your career.