FedEx Freight | New driver pa


TB Lurker
Is it worth it for a new driver to come aboard or will i be just a fill in?

Driver from vitran's sinking ship the vitanic .
our slow time is usually jan.'feb and mar.I would go to a larger terminal if I went to work for would have more opportunities to still might be a fill in to start.
With Central purchasing Vitran, the equipment must be a hoot. You'll have no problem fill/fitting in here. Though, don't you want to give Centran a chance, or a lifeboat? How much worse could it get? Twelve years is a hard pill to swallow, with everyone jumping ship and you staying, better opportunities are sure to occur. If they let you go, enjoy the new health benefits provided by Uncle Sam and join the 99%ers until spring. Go to O.D., nothing but roses working there.