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Chose to work on Labor Day. I wanted the 4hrs extra pay for working on it. I chose truck driving when I was still in the military because of deregulation and the opportunity it presented. I chose a college degree and later an advanced degree because a good education is worth the sacrifice. Those who don't understand how a college degree enhances the value of the person, will never understand success in life. It is why so many people want their children to go to college and why people who have college degrees have lower unemployment rates and better standard of living.
Ok I understand where you are coming from, I myself would rather sit at home and draw 8 hrs holiday pay enjoying my grandkids cook out and a nice bonfire watching the stars. I don't have a degree but have been pretty successful in my life, so that statement is a mute point, I know lots of people that have been successful without a degree. And my standard of living compared to some with a degree is above them ( not bragging ) just saying that I have done alright thru it all, Yes i have been laid off, chase the freight, etc and it got thin at times but you adapt and overcome. Don't get me wrong in my younger days I was that guy hard charger run long and hard, stay out in the system and see what I could make. Now still run long but I'm home every 2 days and most of the weekend. As a side note I'm in carhaul which is a different breed that ltl, and when I was in freight I ran linehaul never worked p&d .