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YRC new management

Discussion in 'YRC Freight' started by werbankrupt, Nov 11, 2013.

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    same trucks, same fuel and cost, same roads, same taxes, same workforce drawn from the same areas-difference is management. nobody here has a clue about controlling costs. even as we have hit the iceberg, we still work overtime ahead of straight time and allow four hours for a 6 mile turnaround.
    we still have same excess management, talking football all day long, when they finally show their face, it is to chew you out for talking, even if you are asking for a broken light to be fixed.
    waste, nepotism, favoritism, entitlements, etc.

    another example, we have f/l outside for sale, it is a roller, bad tranny. we are not removing the new $1100 regular, starter, alternator or battery, or radiator. it will likely sell for less than 800 and somebody will get a commission off that. take the new stuff off, the hood, any other useful parts and scrap locally-value 800, just roll it off the truck, keep the good parts.

    our 1994 pickup-2000 paint job and body work, new tires, ball joints, tie rods, etc. more than 3000 spent on it this year, and still needs work. supers drive it to lunch to avoid using their own gas the 3/10 of a mile to sheetz.

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