AAA Cooper | New St. Louis, MO Terminal


TB Lurker
New terminal is located on
6000 Hall St
Saint Louis, MO 63147

It’s an old Central Freight Lines terminal that Swift was using after CFL pulled out of St. Louis
Hall Street, at one time was home to all sorts of freight companies. Dayton Freight was there, SAIA, OD, Estes was around the corner, just to name a few. The neighborhood definitely looks better at nite.

There is still plenty of companies in that area like XPO, ABF, UPS and Central Transport. I delivered to that area plenty of times at night. Heard few gun shots too.
Does anyone know why your trailers are at Estes? I have seen them in St.Louis and Indy. They are not new in transit trailers either. Used but not junk. Are we interlining now?