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Discussion in 'The Drivers Lounge' started by Lolalatrailera, Aug 3, 2018.

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    Hello everyone !!!

    So I’ve been in the freight forwarding business for more than nine years. I just bought two trucks and I have a few questions. I hope someone can help!

    I was planning on applying to haul for Amazon. I am getting lots of mixed reviews. Can someone please let me know what is the current status of working with Amazon .

    Other then that I am looking at two choices . I have a broker that is charging me 10% or going with the load boards. What is your feedback on experience. I have already applied for my MC and DOT.
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    I've hauled 2 amazon loads and both came with huuuge detention at the shipper. Better make sure the waiting time is in bold print otherwise you might be waiting more then driving

    In my opinion it's not worth hauling all the time
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    my good man. Did you not just read the article on Bezo’s? Stating he would have to spend 28 million a DAY, just to not get any richer than he is now... Another reason Amazon does not actually own trucks and trailers, nor employ truck drivers... Hauling for huge national companies is not always good business, looking at it from the trucking side.
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    Nosing around Amazon sites and noticed they have a new program where you can buy Sprinters and vans from them (Amazon branded), go find and hire people yourself, and manage the whole 40 person operation yourself. Then you deliver thier packages. They get the profit, you get the risk. Much like selling stuff on their sites.

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