XPO | No day and night LH on Dec 30

You accept and defend almost everything the company does including poor treatment of your fellow workers union and non union. Your past post are right here to see if people are inclined to do so. The union drive was the ONLY away your fellow workers had a voice and you chit on that with every post you had a chance . If more workers would have supported it things could be much different. You chose to be a cheerleader against it. I know the truth hurts but that’s what you did. Historys a bitch when it proves you wrong.
Look we all make mistakes ex: voting for trump and supporting him. History was rough on that choice also . Some people just fall for anything.

Merry Christmas
Yes you are right about history and it is a bitch. You do know that prior it CF closing it doors in 2002 the teamster had NO interest in any Con-way company. I sure you know that with all your hard work you help run CF out of business. Say what you want about management at CF but even Jerry Detter knew why CF was failing.
I guess you don't remember all those Teamster standing outside CCX's gates in 1994 call you scabs.
I guess the big question is were was your voice say back in late 90's early 2000? Why did you join the union then. Hell even after CF close why not then? Could it be that you trusted management? Even so when Con-way started axing your pension and company paid healthcare I didn't hear of any big union push then. Why?
Like you said we all make mistakes ex: like voting for Biden. History will prove that was a bad choice also.
Saw a post saying there was no day and night LH on Dec 30. It also said all start time were cancelled and we're taking volunteers then force from the bottom. Saw it at XHG anyone else hear anything
We didn't run linehaul Thursday night because of Blizzard Warnings. Every terminal in IA was closed Thursday. Supposed to run Monday night?
I understand the days off for new years linehaul only ever got paid for 1day but had 2 days off last week the company decided to give fri nite the 30th off unpaid another 4 day weekend