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TB Lurker
5 years from now we will be making $1.02 more per hour than we are right now!!!! Based on that alone, I can't vote for this. I really believed there would be a path towards getting something back.
Another reason is why is our O.R. numbers lower that yrcf to qualify for the profit sharing?
More vacation loss.

There isn't one good thing in this contract.
I read the proposal. Nothing in there about restoring the pension,.So far I am out over 100000 dollars from the first 2 proposals ( 10000 PLUS A YEAR FOR SALERY AND 3600 A YEAR FOR PENSION ), WOW . Now they want more .The 2 raises we will not be getting comes to over 2000 plus per year and still a big penson loss, But dont forget 750 bonus .Taxed at what rate . maybe you get 400.. WHAT A DEAL,,
That contract was nothing but pathetic. I expected them to at least be reasonable about it and we would see a recovery of what we already gave up over the next 5 years. Now they expect us to give up the raise of 2014 that was in the last contract and give them more concessions. If the last concessions netted them 3 and a half billion dollars this one would net them more than that. You can't say they stole the money from us because we agreed to the terms of the last contract. Then they pulled the ABF stunt and basically made it clear they were lying through their teeth the whole time. If all I had to do was lie to screw my employees out of 4 billion dollars for the corporation I was controlling I wouldn't do it! The bankers are thiefs, Wall Street is thief and 60% of capitol hill needs tared and feathered. Is the college mafia in America producing anything but thieves?
Its plain to see Yellow has a plan for the Teamster Union and the pension and buying the companies had nothing to do with profit and making money, it had everything to do with poverty level trucking and white collar crime. Its amazing how the biggest scumbags end up in control. Its time to call their crooked hand right now. I vote no and suggest an immediate strike. If their in debt so far what are they going to do shut it down? Or did 3 and a half billion dollars already send them into 2 billion dollars in profits to offshore bank accounts??
If this is what the New "corporate" World order is we don't want anything to do with it!
We have the international trade union and 30 to 40 billion dollars a month in trade deficits and international corporations offshoring profits and the millionaire and billionaires cheap labors creating offshoring their money to screw the tax system of America and the country going bankrupt!
Mean while American soldiers blow up sand mounds on the other side of the world and die for the greed and profit of special interest and the country goes farther in debt!
The unskilled labor comment did me in.

Telling you, you are a dumb unskilled person. Wow!
Guess we are all dumb unskilled individuals!...not me
No all the way
No No No & No! This will never end if we keep taking concessions. YRC should have filed bankruptcy five years ago.
How long do we continue to let the bully in the playground push us around?
Upper management is still making big bucks and bonuses. The union is still collecting dues, administration fees and interest off our pension funds.
I'm voting no. Let YRC find another way to collect these funds and if they can't so be it. They'll be plenty of other trucking jobs if YRC goes down.
I respect everyone's right to vote the way they feel but I also can't vote for this and for the life of me can't imagine why anybody would.