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R&L | Norwalk changes

Ted Decker trk

When things are FUBAR, FIDO!
Heard a few weeks back there is a new terminal being built in Findlay Ohio and a significant amount of work is being moved out of Norwalk. Any other terminals being affected like battlecreek or Alexandria? Are people going to be able to follow the work or are they staffing from ground up? Any info would be appreciated. Also heard rumor of changes in Florida as well. Are they building new service centers down there?


Lord of the Bloody Cross
Must be a lotta freight up that way

Seems to me the Norwalk guys should be able to transfer if they want and the new place is closer to em

Ted Decker trk

When things are FUBAR, FIDO!
Wow crickets here!

My brother in law got shown the door awhile back as a Florida SCM. That made me chuckle a little. Karma exists. Hope all survive the changes.
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