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Not Closing the Doors! !


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Ballots go out August 3rd. They get counted on August 20th. We'll see but opinion from many is it will pass.

The Breeze

Good luck to you boys up north. If this is voted down, you'll get your strike ballots. I hope you all have the peach fuzz an funds to go through with it. We'll be down south watching as we have just short of a year and a half left on our contracts. I could never understand why none of you filled out the papers telling company what you wanted to negotiate. Now that negotiations are off the table yall wanna speak up. But from what I see and gather in talking.. it doesn't sound like anyone really knows what they want up there. Yall didn't want 26.25 an hour cause we all wanted to keep overtime after 8.. your not getting it both ways here at this company, face facts. And if anyone thought health care wasn't going to go up, I would love to get a taste of that ready rock yall smoking. Good luck, and best wishes. I truly mean it. Vote by what's in your hearts. Not trying to scare tactic anyone btw..
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