Not the first time this has happened when a car was pushed sideways by a Semi.

The car must have cut him off and the Truck driver must have got pissed, maybe he can't see the car but let us just assume the moron is not DEAF !! It is impossible to push a vehicle that size a mile down the highway SIDEWAYS and not know it, They let these clowns get away with everything I would charge his ass with attempted Manslaughter !!
I would give odds that the Mercedes driver won't cut another truck off. I will not say that I haven't thought of doing the same thing but a professional can't allow the actions of morons to dictate his actions.
Hey. At least the truck had his 4-ways on...
Must have had to finish a very important tweet....
What else could it be??
This is not a surprise. As I said before a professional cannot let idiots dictate his actions. Every professional driver probably has wanted to do just exactly what that driver did when he was cut off.
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