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Old Dominion | ODFL Wild Run questions


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Long time truck, are you really that unhappy here?

bco, that is going to be instant raise. Can gross 2k week at bottom pay scale if you’re willing to work. Health insurance is free after 60 days, and the 401k match too starts then too, so you’ll want to get in that right away.
Is it free for family or just employee?


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I work at T-Force and wouldn't recommend it right now. You've got several people saying OD would be a good move. Most drivers there seem to be happy so I'd go there if I were you.

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I'm currently waiting on the hiring process to be completed at OD.Just waiting for a call back.It seems to be a long and thorough process.
I’m not on the east coast. But I’ve been at OD since 2011. Came from r and l. I’m not looking to go anywhere else till retirement. If that helps.
Stay. At r and l. Much better off.
I'm not on here very much but every, single time I come on here to indulge myself, I see your crummy, miserable posts about OD. If you don't like working there, then please leave do someone else a favor trying to get into the company. I've never understood why pitiful, depressing workers stay at their jobs at a time when there are "literally" hundreds of other jobs to get. I don't get it. But please stop discouraging others because you hate your job.
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