ABF | Oji claim denial

Get a handheld recorder & record all conversations. KNOW the laws in you state. In Indiana only ONE member of the conversation phone or in person has to know of the recording. You know because you are doing the recording. They don't have to be told you are recording. In Illinois, it use to be a Felony. Now the law is less, but check your state laws. Consider yourself under constant surveillance. Act like the boss is standing @ the top of the ramp filming you as you walk down the ramp. Keep & copy all paper, video, & audio documents. If you have to go to an attorney, you should be like the Boy Scout Motto, (Be Prepared). von.
Make sure you file in your home state. I'm sure Arkansas is a little behind in injury and workmen compensation claims. I was off for 10 weeks and received over $800 a week Arkansas doesn't pay crap.
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