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Oklahoma man arrested after 12-year-old arrives at Tulsa hospital 9 months pregnant


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The age of consent in most of Mexico is 12. The girl’s parents didn’t care because THIS IS NORMAL IN MEXICO.

That’s why the guy didn’t know “what all the fuss was about.” He was behaving in what he believed to be a normal manner.


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It should have stayed right there in Mexico where it is no big deal there.

When he brought it to America inside our Borders then the girl is Jailbait to him.

It would have to take a one hell of a maturing girl growing from 12 going on 30 by 14 to reach a body state of being able to bear children. To me that's **** by the 24 year old and he knows it. She does not. YET.

I remember being told on my first crossing into Canada long ago to be cautious. Age of consent there was I think 14 in those days. It was quite the thing but quietly for some. Its way way way too young for me. When I was 14 I had a girlfriend who was also 14 and equal to me in many ways at that time. By the time she got into 15, she was clearly a full bloom human woman. and WOWZER. I still had a ways to go yet. But not too far behind her.

No crime was committed. Unless if a school staffer caught the two of us quietly kissing or some other banned action somewhere on school property or bus. Then its a two week suspension and a whole bunch of other knee jerk actions by the School System to both sets of parents. Who may or may not be bothered.

I had a friend at the time who was about 23 give or take. He would take his 16 year old on dates. With the parents approval. Well one night State Law got a hold of both of them in a parking spot somewhere dark and as soon there is a situation where a minor was potentially with a over 21 they contacted the Parents. Who told them to leave him be, he was known to them and the entire relationship was known to them.

And so the Law left it be. They did not like it but they left it be. The girl gave consent and the Parents protected him from being prosecuted by the State as a sez offender which would have destroyed his future.


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Not "something new", it's been happening since before Jesus.

Heard this in Southern California in the early '70's: "Old Enough To Bleed, Old Enough To Breed".

Northern Flash

Good luck.
Nowadays, they wouldn't be bothered by the authorities for their ages, they'd be bothered because they are heterosexual and not gay.