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When we hear about distracted driving, it′s typically about texting with friends, searching for a song, and scrolling Instagram. But for many truck drivers without proper tools, essential communication to dispatch is often its own form of distracted driving.

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And listening to an automated message would not distract drivers either? Sounds like a StoryBook fairy tail, brought to you by people who have never been in, or driven a semi.
I drove a 2022 Rental, a Santa FE model. Its a distraction of itself.

It had lane cameras and insisted on steering corrections during a tropical storm winds that were not safe.
It had alarms on forward and aft radar when every one crowded me at 58 on the free way during said storm.
Engine turns off turns on holding everyone up at every light or when stopped.
Beeping Infotainment demanding attention for a variety of unfixed stack of problems. Enterprise does not put a dollar into the damn thing.
Mirrors insisted on blinding me when people approached the blind spot.
Incessant messaging about ::shit:: thats not in my life, check kid in back seat, child locks and little detailed crap by the dozen.
Refuses to properly perform when half the computer nanny crap turned off and struggles to keep up with traffic thats now road roid raging and abusing me with profanity, middle fingers and so on.

I took that POS car straight back to Enterprise and turned it in. I was in such a state of rage trying to drive it for a hour.

I love my old rusting 90's era beast. Everything is strictly manual except the transfer case and fuel injection. Thats it. Peace and quiet. No distractions.
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