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From Bill L. As part of this transformation, we are permanently eliminating seven officer positions. President and Chief Executive Officer of FedEx Freight Regional. We also recently eliminated the position of President and Chief Executive Officer at FedEx National LTL as well as the position of Vice President of Transportation and Fleet Maintenance at National. Additionally, we are permanently eliminating the following positions:
Vice President of Human Resources at Regional
Vice President of Human Resources at National
Vice President of Finance at Regional
Vice President of Finance at National

(Damage control to keep stocks up. Not a good day to be a VP at FedEx) :hyper:
not sure why i posted this in National. Its all a fedex freight thing now.
bad marketing, O/R is way off the mark due to an unrealisitc approach to accounting.
the best thing National has done from a management perspective is to make Freight look better by
infusing money and absorbing their costs across the board. SEC should check into some of their shotty
accounting. Then again, if you have the money you can pay for some very creative accountants. when the
$&!* hits the fan, it gives you someone to blame. Hell they fired all the people that knew what was going on 3 years ago. Labeled them as trouble makers and non-team players.
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I heard GRD is coming in...... is that truth?

A message from Bill L. came out Monday around noon. I think TB rules prohibit it being posted, but it says exactly what trainwrecker wrote.

oaf (still wondering what GRD is)
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GRD = Ground? Maybe

Excuse me while I go beat myself with the DUH stick. I get it now.

However, I don't see it happening. JMO, though.

oaf (abbreviation deficient)
maybe if they got mephis and atlanta on the same page as central dispatch. would save time and money in useless dispatch. i waste so much time on the phone getting things changed that should be done already when im sent out on my nightly run. may be when this happens everyone on same page will make this a stronger company.
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