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Owner Operator Driver - Local/Regional Chicago

Discussion in 'Driver Recruiting /Advertising' started by RedbirdCarriers, Apr 5, 2015.

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  1. RedbirdCarriers

    RedbirdCarriers New Member

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    Company Name: Redbird Carriers
    Contact: Jamie
    Email: jgroesch@redbirdcarriers.com
    Phone: (773)890-9200
    Office/Yard: 4201 W 36th St, Chicago, IL 60632
    Job Description:

    Redbird Carriers is always looking for qualified drivers. We have intermodal opportunities for local/regional owner operators looking not only for a job but a career with competitive pay. Redbird Carriers is looking for motivated drivers to cover the regional area of Michigan, Indiana, Wisconsin and all of Illinois with up to 3000 miles weekly. We're a people oriented company where everyone is treated with respect. The Chicago terminal has had tremendous growth and stability with efficient load planning backed by a combined 40 years of experience.

    Driver Qualifications:
    Preferably 2 years verifiable driving experience
    CDL, Class A
    Clean Driving Record
    Must pass DOT Drug & Alcohol Screen
    Current DOT Physical
    Intermodal Experience Preferable

    If You Join Us:
    Your Safety is our highest priority
    No forced dispatch for owner operators
    Multi-truck owners welcome
    Training and support to maximize your business income and to help you succeed.

    Pay Rate: 73% Line Haul + 73% Fuel Surcharge + Accessorials
  2. Stimpy

    Stimpy Wingnut

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    I'm confused about the pay????

    73% of what?
  3. RedbirdCarriers

    RedbirdCarriers New Member

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    Hi Stimpy, my choice of wording could have been a bit better. The pay is 73% of the total move plus any incurred accessorials (detention, stop offs, etc). Sorry about that.
  4. joes bar and grill

    joes bar and grill Well-Known Member

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    Why 73% of the fuel surcharge?
  5. RedbirdCarriers

    RedbirdCarriers New Member

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    Hopefully this helps...........for example, if the line haul is $100 and the customer is currently paying 18% FSC (which was the current rate last week for that particular customer), the total rate is $100 plus $18. The driver would then be paid 73% of the total turn which in this case is $86.14. This is just an example with nice round numbers.

    Pay is 73% of the Line Haul and FSC plus accessorials if there are any. Yes, that does mean FSC is also 73%. You could break down the numbers such that FSC is 100% and Line Haul is a bit lower than 73% but since the FSC varies week to week the Line Haul percentage would also move with it. That's why I stick with saying 73% line haul + 73% FSC.

    If anybody has questions or concerns about these numbers and is looking at applying we would be more than happy to talk to you. Give us a call and we can discuss. We in no way hide what you get since everything is upfront. We take care of our drivers and with the abundance of freight and relationships we have with our customers, we afford each driver to run efficiently whether you're local or regional.
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