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PA turnpike near Breezewood lost set of tandem wheels hits car


New Member
Hello to everyone on this forum,

I am making a post in hope that some thoughts or ideas (or even clues) may emerge in my quest for the identity of a truck which lost a set of tandem wheels on the turnpike on Tuesday night August 31st, 2010 approx 10:55 pm.

I was heading Eastbound on the PA turnpike and was approximately 2 miles from the Breezewood exit, when a set of tandem wheels from an 18 wheeler heading the opposite direction (west) on the turnpike broke free from the truck and climbed the jersey barrier and hit me nearly head on.

The accident resulted in the total loss of my car, and more significantly, a serious break to my left Femur. I was life-flighted to the hospital where I received surgery the next day, and spent 6 nights in the hospital post operation.

The tires were recovered and the only info I have on them is that one was a Bridgestone, and one was a Michelin. Also, the tires do display DOT #'s but I'm not sure how helpful these will be.

Any ideas, thoughts, or possible eye witness accounts of a truck traveling with a missing set of tandems would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance for your help,


I live Here
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The best advice can offer is to contact the local law enforcement authorities.
seeing you were directly involved, they should be fourth coming with any and all information they have collected to date.

The only hope you may find on this Accident forum is an outside chance some trucker will read your post,that may have been a witness.
However that is really slim to none in my opinion.

I will search my crash news sources and see if I can find any links,however seeing this happened a few days ago there may not be anything still floating around cyber space.
If there is these crash news links only have minim information,unless there may be any updated reports?

But like I say I'll see what I can find.
I'm assuming this crash was on I-76,or I-70?
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Also call all truck tire vendors in the chance one of them couldve went out on a call to put 2 tires on with rims

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I live Here
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Great idea bigtruk_us.
I took a look at every on-line news site around Altoona which is 52 miles north.
Then looked at every on-line news site listed for Chambersburg,and Bedford which are closer.
However I came up with nothing.

So take my advice and contact the locals,as well as bigtruk_us advice to check the big truck tire venders.