Panama Canal’s Drought Traffic Dip Could Cost $700 Million


Associated Press

PANAMA CITY — A severe drought that began last year has forced authorities to slash ship crossings by 36% in the Panama Canal, one of the world’s most important trade routes.

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Just pass that onto the Customer buying the final goods at the store.

As far as the Canal Zone, China is increasingly embedding themselves into operating, costs and ownership of the Facility. So ultimately its their problem. In war it can be easily disposed of by eliminating the Gatun Dam with a few MOABs. It will take months to years to rebuild. The Gatun Dam is only about a 95 foot difference which allows the Canal to constantly refill with water needed to operate from the Chagres River.

This drought will pass at some point in the future.

As far as my personal spending or rather, the need of the goods flowing through that Zone? its extremely minimal. I have spent maybe 600 dollars in very careful buying at the store in 2023 and expect to spend less than that on Goods delivered to the USA by Sea. In short, my participation and need for overseas trade is at the barest minimum. So in essence the Canal Zone and associated shipping costs, troubles, late etc does not matter anymore to me.

For example my 20 dollar walmart coffee pot made in Asia has lasted about 7 years now. To replace it will not be a problem as I have a 50s era perculator in storage ready to go when that coffee pot dies. The percer will out live me. Bought that for 5 bucks at the thrift shop.

I have a original book written when the Canal was built. It has diagrams to the nth detail how it was built. So it would be in public domain on google by now.
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