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PBGC Releases FY 2020 Projections Report, 5-Year Multiemployer Program Report

Steward of the Rock

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I gotta say his argument is more valid than those complaining about the -15% wage concession that they Voted a Majority to accept. His pension didnt have a vote- they simply failed and reduced. Now, Butch Lewis makes that while. Anyone wanting Butch Lewis to pass needs to accept that Blade benefits as well...
Don’t have problem with Blade benefiting from the Butch Lewis Act. He deserves it just like anyone else does that had their pension earned thru employer contributions. My problem with it is how he says it is wrong to bail out the pension funds, yet has no problem accepting his share. Kinda goes against the message he is putting out there. Like a preacher telling the evils of drug use while accepting hush money from a known dealer.


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No, it's called wealth building. No different than putting that $4,600 a year into my wife's HSA for the tax savings. It's called using every advantage available to maintain a comfortable lifestyle and never worry about what something costs. It's about supporting causes like Never Muzzled, Animal Welfare League and Friends of Fido. It's about knowing that my children will not have to endure the same poverty that I did.
I grew up on a dirt street on the Eastern Shore of Maryland. I filed bankruptcy in 1982 and swore that I would never be poor again. Yes, I will take every dime I can legally get and never apologize. Call it whatever you please.
Well you certainly said a lot there....I would dare say most truck drivers grew up poor, I know I did....I grew up in an abusive, dysfunctional home...I must have lived in 20 different houses, and went to 8 different school districts (in 3 states) before I graduated high school...I don't say this to have a pity party for 381...i say this to illustrate that we both had it rough, but we are far different...i have empathy for my fellow poor man, i don't blame him entirely for his before anyone goes gung ho and thinks I'm talking about criminal activity let me say I'm not.....I just remember that life can be hard and that is where unions come in to level the playing field between the wealthy and the poor that are willing to work...most poor people don't have the proper guidance to be successful early in life so they make mistakes that are hard to recover from, even you filed bankruptcy in your 30s, but you come on here with all this bluster about personal responsibility even though you were severely lacking it yourself....if you are willing to take anything you can legally get then perhaps you shouldn't criticize others for doing the same..


Not Well Known Member, 63 Year Teamster Member
You're right about coming up poor 381.
We were so poor I didn't get anything for Christmas but a pair of overalls.
I cried because I didn't get anything to play with.
My dad solved that problem, he cut out my front pockets.


Well-Known Member
It's an outrageous abuse of the taxpayer to bail out a private pension fund. It was theft of taxpayer dollars to bail out General Motors, the banking system and the Italian owner of Chrysler. As is the entire American Rescue Plan and the 3.5 trillion dollar Human Infrastructure bill that is 2500 pages long. Yes, I oppose it all vigorously!
Am I going to refuse money from the government when I pay $10,000+ every year in federal taxes, no I am not. I already pay taxes on 85% of my Social Security benefit thanks to Bill Clinton who decided that I am not fully entitled to my earned annuity benefit that was paid for with taxed dollars. I pay taxes on capital gains because I saved and invested but those with incomes under $80,000 do not. I will use that $868 a month to pay some of the outrageous taxes I am forced to pay for being responsible enough to plan for retirement. I will use that money to pay the taxes I am charged simply for being successful. I will use that money to offset the 6% inflation taxes we all pay thanks to the Joe Biden Democrats and the fools who voted for them.
You pay capital gains over 80k as a married couple at 15% over 40k as a single. What about the deadbeat down the street that sucks off the system, why don’t you go knock on his door and tell him get his ass to work and quit abusing the tax system.