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Pennsylvania likes their steak...


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There is a petro in little rock that passes for a decent steak provided the cook is present and motivated in business hours.

We have a generic steakhouse up here in Searcy but eh... getting them to cook anything, I just flap em or grill em right here at the house. Costs the same.

The PA incident is a bit too much.

A dear friend passed last year and I feel safe in sharing this little tidbit. One time we had layover in a holiday inn of all places that had room to stick the 18 wheeler. It was a rotting hotel complex aged long past it's prime.

Sit down in what passes for their dining room to order food in this case dinner. Dead quiet in there. I was alone in a place built for 100 diners.

Anyway 8 staff came out circled my table and said what would I like to have for dinner. So I ordered. Figured they were trainees or something. But no. It turned into two cooks just cooking for me and 6 pretties sitting with me at the table telling stories and having a meal break.

I have been to many places around the USA and had many experiences. But that particular one stands out as something of a once in a life time. IF it is your wish that just once you had a whole eating place to yourself.... (They all got tips. It really cost me cash, but so worth it.)