XPO | Pet Peeves.... only one ( or so) sentence please !!


TB Regular
just because your tractor will shut off in three minutes is no reason to let it idle !! shut it off when you leave the tractor !!
Draging a piece of freight that only weights 40lbs across the dock with a lift instead of picking it up and carying it.
Dropping/Spotting a trailer does not mean lower the landing gears to the max.
(causes high hooks for the next guy or pain for the next guy to lower try to lower the trailer when loaded)
having some one look right at you, wait till your almost through the lane, then deciding to pull his forklift right into your path at the last second to pick something up/spin it/stack it/ then load it. Damn it I coulda been by in 1 second 2 minutes ago!
having some cheese dick college boy tell me what will or won't scale/fit/ride on a trailer. blow me! non-pet peeve, proving him wrong then laughing at him in front of others.
With such an abundance of straps lying around, why can't we manage to strap freight against the wall so it does not fall over???
Self appointed "super-trucker" pre-madonnas complaining about what we did wrong yesterday, but unable / unwilling to help us Jr guys learn the right thing to do today. They think they know everything because their hindsight is 20/20. They have themselves convinced that they were born experts, and forgot that their first day on the dock was a lot like mine. More than 1 sentence, I know.