HOT!! Pic upload is not working

Thanks Jeff!!!
I can now post pictures again!!!
And I promise, not to post Bertha or Puddin’ pictures to crash the site again!!!

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And, before you ask, that is not my quote (above). That one came from my great, great, great, grand pappy’s third cousin on his mom’s side. He was of Greek descent. They called him “Sock-Rat-Ez”!!!
He was one of them, there “ful-ah-sif-ers”………what ever the heck that is!!!!
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Easiest way is to go to
upload pic
select hotlink for forums
copy then paste in the body of the message and post, don't know when the old system will be back up

I thought you said that things were going great at ABF. Looks like dark clouds over ABF. :lmao::lmao::lmao:
The darkness comes from Puddin standing in the way of the sunlight.
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