Yellow | Pot bust

I heard they tried to do a reweigh on the shipment and it was under weight....figures. Vwaggs you are correct, its a class 9 commodity weight class 250.

Sure hope they got their money for the freight. Could always tell the Feds you have to keep a bale as collatrol, hell I'll even offer to hold it for em. Retired no PeePee Tests here. Buffett coming to town soon, whoa, what a smoker of a concert that would be. Just offering my services !!!
Class 9 only with bulk ID numbers.
So whats the bulk ID for pot?
Makes you wonder just what in the hell your moving around in these damn trucks!!!!
I agree. I have noticed that there have been a lot of inbound Velocity loads, coming outbound from Pheonix, AZ., lately.
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It would be a good idea for all road drivers to make sure the correct seal number is on your pay rec for the trailers you are pulling
Does anyone know what terminal number Abington is or where it breaks from? The 2nd story said that the shipment came out of Huntington in Southern California. There's a few cities with Huntington in their name. Hungtington Park, Huntington Beach anyone know exactly what city it came out of ? Just curious, i load 135 freight out of So Cal
Thanks R-14, then i must say i loaded those crates to the eastcoast. :) No Damages right! :) ha ha ha