President lies again and again


TB Lurker
States we have enjoyed wonderful health care and benefits
I . I really enjoy paying 8000 a year for my wonderful benefits without a raise in 6 years
Vote teamsters

I'd rather pay union dues of 66 a month itotal 800 a year vs 8000 ?

2 . D&B report . Nct claims D&B called them. .
They are a powerful company . If it was false why didn't their lawyers have the page removed from Facebook ( they can't because it's true )

3 js MF openly admitted they recived the bonus at the company breakfast
No MO we didn't make that up

4 JS gets a yearly car allowance of 14.000 now you know why he has a Benz
5 local 107 are tough guys .i agree and want them covering my bac
WOW....800vs8000.....that's a 7200 dollar raise......even if they did cut you back some hours you would be ahead of the game!!!

no raise in you have to admit....that's some funny **** :wtflol: