US Gov Hears Foreign Corps More Than Nonunions
I seen this on a Gateway Pundit response

Did you know that the DOJ is the FBI’s boss.
And that the DOJ is controlled by the AG Merrick Horwitz Garland who belongs to the same minority which led the Bolshevik Revolution.
As for the IRS it’s part of Treasury which is run by Janet Yellen Blumenthal who belongs to this mUnder Communism, power is centralized in the state. This is how a relatively small minority can direct control of a nation.

Attorney General - Merrick Horwitz Garland (the FBI reports to him)
Sec of State - Antony Mayer Horowitz Blinken
Treasury - Janet Yellen Blumenthal
WH Chief of Staff - Ron Klain
Attorney General - Merrick Horwitz Garland
Sec of Homeland Sec - Alejandro Hirsch Mayorkas
Google - Mark Zuckerberg
YouTube - Susan Wocicki
Dir National intelligence - Avril Haines (CIA reports to her)
Dep Sec of State - Wendy Sherman
Sec of State for Political affairs - Victoria Nuland
National Security Advisor - Jacob Jeremiah Sullivan
Office of Science and tech policy - Eric Lander
Assistant Health Sec- Rachel Levine
Covid-19 Relief Fund - Gene Sperling (Jews with grip on ‘relief money).
Director National Counterterrorism - Steven Vanech
Chair of the SEC - Gary Gensler
Administrator SBA - Isabelle Guzman
US special envoy for Climate - John Kerry Kohen
Press Secretary tweets in Biden’s name - TJ Ducklow

This is a book written by a priest. Not a /••\. And he wasn't into Germany's Nationalist Socialists either.
Lots and lots of info.
It's not just Communism used. It's Capitalism and Socialism also.

Northern Flash

Big Boy Toys
read the comments on social media sites
people think this is a great thing
the left has used the power of the local, state and federal govt to investigate Trump
they made stuff up and still have yet to find any chargable crimes

The left is so afraid of him knowing full well Trump realizes the mistakes he made first time around
he wont make those again
Yep. This is another case of an investigation looking for a crime instead of the other way around.
I seriously want Trump back in the White House again, because I want him to destroy these rotten bastards. Our Republic depends on it.

Northern Flash

Big Boy Toys
If ever there was a time for mass resignations at the FBI, this is it. No morally just person would stay in their employ.
Ya, I had that same thought yesterday. I couldn't be an accomplice or be involved in what the FBI just did to Trump. I'd have resigned before I pulled a stunt like this. But this shows how bad the FBI has become. They've become another corrupted entity within our bloated, worthless govt. The Democrats have ruined everything that built this country.

Northern Flash

Big Boy Toys
What are we to make of 30 or so FBI agents raiding President Trump’s Florida home to collect maybe 35 boxes of records for what is perhaps the Deep State’s 7th or 8th impeachment attempt? First, why no raids on the Democrats who took the jet to Epstein’s pedo island with its readily available sez with underage girls? Why no raids on Hunter Biden and the apparent crimes documented on the laptop? Why no raids on Hilary Clinton after she destroyed evidence?
We've become a one party rule nation. This is the results of no checks and balances. Just look at Commiefornia for an example of what a one party rule looks like with no opposition to the craziness. And as a nation, we're actually worse than one party rule because the small fringe within the Democrat party is ruling everything right now. The clear headed Democrats are afraid to speak out against the craziness too. The radicals have taken over.
We are toast as a nation.

Northern Flash

Big Boy Toys
Born to a Jewish family in New York City, Elias was raised in Suffern, New York.
Hillary’s lawyer, just another coincidence I’m sure
Yep. Their ultimate goal is to make Trump ineligible and un-electable. They don't care if they destroy the country to make sure of it.
These people are scum.
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