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Mitch McConnell declined to comment on the FBI raid at Mar-a-Lago as conservatives increasingly call out his silence​

Right here McConnell
McConnell also fears Trump because McConnell has the dirty stains of corruption all over his hands too.
I've been saying for years that McConnell needs to go. He's as filthy as they come.


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Yep. This is another case of an investigation looking for a crime instead of the other way around.
I seriously want Trump back in the White House again, because I want him to destroy these rotten bastards. Our Republic depends on it.
Show Me the Man and iI Tind You the Crime Lavrentiy Beria Story This Is One  of Josef Stalin's Longest Serving Secret Police Chiefs the Democrats Today  Are Already Saying That Trump

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I know I’ve posted it a thousand times but that POS is the reason Dems got power over both houses
Although Mitch has done a few good things over the years, it's very few. He ultimately works to protect himself and his cronies. He fears that Trump will eventually expose him too. They secretly hate each other in my opinion. If Trump gets re-elected, I want him to destroy McConnell.

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Six Million@RealSixMillion
Boomers on high alert after the raiding of Trump's private residence.

Fearing their plan to die before it "gets too bad" might not work out.
Sorry Boomers, you're too late on dying and missing the Communist take-over and s-show........because it's here, front and center. The banana republic is on full display. Sorry that you have the misfortunes of having to live through it with the rest of us.
*But if you voted Democrat, you are an accomplice to the fall of our republic. Congrats, and enjoy the fruits of your poor decisions.

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They are going to plant something, if there was anything in those boxes they would have leaked it by now.
Oh, come on, Bro. They'd never do something like that, or push a fake Russian dossier or pee pee tapes. These are some real straight shooters that we're talking about here.

*You are 100% correct. They'll plant something or pull another Adam Schiff-for-brains.........with a mountain of evidence that will never surface, all while they sling fraudulent "new" mud at Trump once he announces his run.


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Born to a Jewish family in New York City, Elias was raised in Suffern, New York.
Hillary’s lawyer, just another coincidence I’m sure
Another Jew like AG Merrick Garland, MI AG Nessel, PA AG Shapiro, Raffensperger in GA key positions to steal an election. Trump was the best President to Israel doesn't matter to them.


US Gov Hears Foreign Corps More Than Nonunions
I seen this on a Gateway Pundit response

Did you know that the DOJ is the FBI’s boss.
And that the DOJ is controlled by the AG Merrick Horwitz Garland who belongs to the same minority which led the Bolshevik Revolution.
As for the IRS it’s part of Treasury which is run by Janet Yellen Blumenthal who belongs to this minority as well.
And Biden's key handlers - er I mean Cabinet Officials - belong to this minority as well.
The Democrats are over 50% funded by this minority too. Let that sink in. Biden's top campaign donor Donald Sussman also belongs to this minority.
GatewayPundit just ran an article today pointing out the parallels between today and the Soviet Revolution. After the Soviets seized power in 1917 they held a fake election in which they didn’t bother to count all the votes. Nothing was to get in the way of their one party dictatorship. Under Communism, power is centralized in the state. This is how a relatively small minority can direct control of a nation.
And of course the media which conspired with the Democrats and Big Tech to steal the election, is controlled by this minority too.
But we're not supposed to notice the real power.

Attorney General - Merrick Horwitz Garland (the FBI reports to him)
Sec of State - Antony Mayer Horowitz Blinken
Treasury - Janet Yellen Blumenthal
WH Chief of Staff - Ron Klain
Attorney General - Merrick Horwitz Garland
Sec of Homeland Sec - Alejandro Hirsch Mayorkas
Google - Mark Zuckerberg
YouTube - Susan Wocicki
Dir National intelligence - Avril Haines (CIA reports to her)
Dep Sec of State - Wendy Sherman
Sec of State for Political affairs - Victoria Nuland
If you watch that long video I posted, or read that book which is tread on the video called "The Rulers of Russia", and can block out the obviously pro-Catholic ideology(if you are not pro-Catholic), then you can see who the true world supremacists really are. The facts are there.And they are not white Christians. Nationalism blocks their globalist supremacist goal

White Christians and any Christians and any people are who they desire to weaken and destroy for total domination of the planet.
If you ain't one of them...you are just a pawn to be discarded like a piece of trash when they choose to.
This is no joke.
That book was before WWII I think....and it doesn't change.

The diversity needed is at the tops of all kinds of powerful places.
And they need to be weakened imo.
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Does anyone believe President Trump is dumb enough to keep incriminating documents?

Anything the crooked fbi finds is 100% planted.

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Does anyone believe President Trump is dumb enough to keep incriminating documents?

Anything the crooked fbi finds is 100% planted.
What should chap every American's ass is that these goons would raid anyone's house without a specific crime that would justify the raid.
If this banana republic crap doesn't tick people off they aren't an American, they are garbage.

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Does anyone believe President Trump is dumb enough to keep incriminating documents?

Anything the crooked fbi finds is 100% planted.
The Democrats are sleazy scum, so they had a solid plan long before this raid. Years ago I would have considered my thoughts just a conspiracy theory but not after what we've seen over the past six years or so with their fraudulent stuff like the Steel dossier.
FJB and every Democrat supporter.
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