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POLITICS Professor Calls Free Speech ‘racist’ (audio)

Discussion in 'Washington D.C.' started by Toby, Jan 9, 2020.

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    Professor calls free speech ‘racist’ (audio)

    A University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill professor recently called free speech racist and said he worries that if a Democratic presidential candidate wins the 2020 election it could spark another Civil War.

    Eric King Watts, an associate professor of communication studies, made the comments during his keynote speech “Tribalism, Voicelessness, and the Problem of Free Speech” that kicked off a two-day conference on free speech.

    “Democracy needs free speech, but it is increasingly vulnerable to its excesses,” Watts said in his speech.

    “I will first set forth how freedom of speech is implicated in racism by linking its historical contingency to the production of blackened flesh,” Watts said. “I will demonstrate how racism produces its uneven distribution of capacity and debility….”


    average tuition at UNC Chapel Hill

    In-state 8,834 USD, Out-of-state 33,916 USD

    This is the Tenured so called professor indoctrinating our youth. We just need free tuition to continue the enemy withins agenda

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