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Profit before fed X


Does anyone remember Watkins was making Profit before FEDX came in. Drivers were happy and made good money. FedX came in and took away prfit sharing, cut vacations in half, cut sick days in half, did away with the diamond rings and the rolex watches.
Have you forgotten??
And now they blame us for the shape it is in.


Active Member
I don't know what you mean by cut vacations in half. They added a 4th week for drivers with 15 plus years. They just made you work if you were a team driver and your co driver was taking vacation. You either had to work with some one else or take time yourself.

So you don't get a diamond ring, you make enough buy your own. Are you to cheap?

The merger is a done deal. We are learning to live with it. Now we are leaning to come together. We don't need to nit pick Fedex to death. Why stir up even more hard feeling and hate. It's time to stop.


Active Member
FedEx doesn't know how to run a profitable LTL company because they rely to heavily on the fedex ground way of treating the employees like garbage.Then FedEx wonders why claims increase when they buy a company......


Well-Known Member
Good post worthless ! .. and after 15 years and every 5 years after of safe driving you get a diamond added to your ring.

Don't worry about the big talkers and bashers .. they are few and will still be here .. with there mouth shut .. working .. I've been here threw a lot of changes.


Sole Proprietor
Super Administrator
Guys do you remember everyone was making a profit when Fedex bought watkins, af. and viking.... Yrc was making profit then too...
Simple math, there are too many trucks and not enough freight and until more freight is produced or a big company or 2 falls its going to continue to be this way.