New Penn | Pull union card

You're gonna see how the company handles seniority protection under this Yellow COO.
Job classifications changed and eliminated from road to Utility. Which is Road/city/dock combo bid.
Pay will be reduced.
It's gonna cut into morning city work because they can pick up and even deliver city stuff.
So senior city bids can be cut back in the morning.

And it'll go thru like butter.

Looks like the ATA and government organized deregulation....and all LTLs lumped together in one company for one intent.
For one company and the government to control the union. And sink it when they want.
Do as they say....or it's gone.
And with the union relationship with Yellow and government...the pensions will be gone again in no time
Most non union carriers do not have these issues and their pay is better, better equipment, much better service, better working environments and they are profitable.
My guess is the model is outdated, that is hopefully what Yellow is attempting to fix.
Just be honest and explain to the workers they are an outdated business model working in a new century with much different customer expectations.
They need to fix this as they are already at deaths door...
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