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    I'm trying to get a position with Schneider running walmart and the qualifications say you must live within 75 miles and I live 94. Are they that strict with this rule for hiring drivers?
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    Have you CALLED Schneider to confirm??

    Schneider is most assuredly that particular as MANY COMPANIES have specific QUALIFICATIONS/REQUIREMENTS that they will not alter simply because someone lives 20 miles outside the specified parameter. **Exceptions however sometimes do apply**talk to your local Trucking Company SAFETY DEPARTMENT for more information**
    Schneider, like most other large and small carriers are particularly anal towards DUI, DWI, OUI convictions REGARDLESS of age (like, for example, over 20 years old and especially within the last 7 years) as well SPEEDING TICKETS of, say, 15mph and over in the last 3/5/7/10 years.
    If these Companies began altering their QUALIFICATIONS/REQUIREMENTS for 1 or more Persons, why then were these QUALIFICATIONS/REQUIREMENTS created?!
    Companies don't simply make up QUALIFICATIONS/REQUIREMENTS to irritate people, they make them for THEIR REASONS and generally adhere strictly.
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    they and others that have dedicated runs will have mileage requirements, that way they know how long it will take you to get to the yard - they do not have mileage restrictions for OTR runs as far as I know - I just applied to them as well for an OTR slot and I am way outside 100 mile radius...

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