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question about COBRA dues


New Member
I need information on how much Cobra coverage would be for me and my spouse here in the West Coast in the event YRC goes out or i decide to take a leave of absence from work...
is there a place where I can inquire about this?


They will send you a letter after you don't qualify for coverage (80hrs) a few weeks later. The Teamster Benefit Trust in Fremont, Ca. is who you will be dealing with. I would guess that the price will be from $1200 to 1500 a month for full coverage. The rates will rise again in January, probably 10%. My Cobra extension is scheduled to run out in Feb ,2011 ($500 a month) . I got all my medical needs taken care of, and will be dropping coverage in December. Then, it will be a private physician, and my prescriptions will be filled by Target ( 3 prescriptions at $4.00 a month= $12)


It should cost you about $400 a month after obama kicks in and covers 2/3 of premium due to being layed off. That is here in the west through northwest admin. good luck


Former YRC Dallas 511
I thought the Obama subsidy for people out of work was supposed to expire. 65% if you lose your job not if you take a leave.


The Federal Cobra subsidy lasts 9 months at $500/month for full coverage. Then the Federal Cobra Extension kicks in for 6 more months. The Extension is no longer available , and I don't know if the Federal subsidy is either. The phone number for the TBT in Fremont is 510 796 4676, or 800 533 0119
If you take a LOA its about 230 a week for everything. 210 a week for just the medical without dental and vision and 190 a week for 80/20 Central States.