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It can be very difficult for an employee to prove that his or her injures were caused by an incident that was out of his or her hands, especially if those injuries occurred due to violating a company rule. In the Minnesota case of Smith v. Metro Transit, a bus driver working for Metro Transit was injured after violating the rule of leaving the driver’s seat. Since the violation was clear, the bus driver was denied workers' comp.u
Now the law is different in each state, but in my state, the violation of a positive work rule is an affirmative defense in which the employer must establish three criteria: (1) the injury was, in fact, caused by the violation of the order or rule, (2) the employee actually knew of the order or rule, and (3) the order or rule implicated an activity not connected with the employee’s work duties.
My only experience with Workers Comp is Pennsylvania. Union reps have standing to represent members at the hearing levels but not at the court levels. Pa. is very worker friendly. We once got comp benefits for an extra board driver injured in an accident in his personal car on the way to work. The hearing officer and the appeals panel ruled that because he was called and ordered to report for work, he was on duty even though off the clock.