Yellow | Questions to consider before vote


TB Lurker
1. What did the company do with the money already taken?
2. What guarantee and changes does management plan to make to actually pay the debt down to return to profitability other than asking for more concessions? ( SAME ROAD= SAME RESULTS)
3. The debt has not been reduced by now, without specifics by management, why write management a blank check?
4. If it passes, will morale improve,and service improve to get customers to ship with Yrc?
5. No customers, no money, no better O.R. etc in the same condititon sinking, boat!! Company will close anyway sooner or later. If you don't pay the mortgage you loose the house. Making interest payments only will soon get old.
no. there are No questions to consider here.

if youll debate it, you give it credibility.

VOTE NO WITH PREJUDICE and forget about it.