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Dayton | Raise


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So Southeastern freight is getting a huge raise this year, 1.50 for P&D making top out 31.25 and Line Hall is getting 3.6 cent making top out .76 a mile!!!
What are the chances Dayton will match them????


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good luck to you guys and i hope you get a good raise , being a sefl 26 year guy its a welcome raise
Thank you.
I am hoping we do being we missed a raise when Covid-19 hit. Seem like every other LTL is passing us on pay now.


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I think this will be a trend for the near future. They can't find or keep anyone for P/D positions. Regardless if P/D makes the same or more, I would rather do linehaul.
I think you might be right, it is hard to find and keep P&D drivers. Linehaul still makes good money. I guess I was hoping we would had got the same thing Southeastern got on their raise.
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