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As we come towards the holidays and the end of another wonderful year, we should take time and pause and also reflect on what a banner year it was as at YRC . After all we all must be thankful that we have a job.. and we are ALL working together and of course.. "SHARING THE SACRIFICE".

So as I look at my pay stub it looks like I will have roughly $9,000 in wages or givebacks re-invested in the company. Jimmy (teamster JimmY) please don't post your Bull%#$ about it was never mine to have.. It was my money.. but that's another argument. As far as my pension obligations from the company are concerned ya mind as well just double your wage givebacks and that will give you about the same number of pensions dollars taken away from you. Orrrr re-invested in the company. So I personally re-invested $18,000 back into YRC this year.. So where did this money go???

Well let's look at our fearless scumbag leader Jimmy Welch.. (you don't get the MR. before your name anymore DB)

His base salary for 2012 was $701,500. Compared to last year 2011 his base salary was $305,122.. Jimmy got a raise in 2012.. a big raise, about 133%. And he has the balls to take your $.25 a year raise... this gets better.. you can't make this sh%$ up. on top of his base salary raise Jimbo also got a "PERFORMANCE BONUS" of $250,000.
That bonus raise was based on the EBITDA number being positive. A horse sh&^ accounting number that is used to make companies look like they are doing well. In laymans terms it would be your annual income from last year to this year if you didn't have to factor in payments you made, on taxes (any taxes), rent, mortagage, interest on any of these, credit cards and the like. Old Jimbo got the EBITDA number positive for 2012.. WOW.. he is amazing. \
Jimmy was also granted $429,568 in stock options in 2012, $98,000 went into his pension and then here is where the kick in the balls stuff comes into play. YRC paid $13,800 for his HEALTH and WELFARE package. I personally believe that I paid for that myself, I mean whatever it takes to keep this company afloat. Another cute little accounting trick that they did was YRC took his car allowance from him this year, no more cars for our top brass. Wouldn't it have been nice if they took that car allowance money and returned it back to the rank and file employees, It's only $10,500. so what did they do with that money?? They added that money to his base salary and gave him another boost for the year. They didn't take away his car allowance, they just didn't call it a car allowance. Jimbo's base salary for 2012 was $712,000.
So let's total up Jimbo for 2012

Base Salary........$712,000
Stock Awards.....$429,568
Health Insurance..$13,800
Auto Allowance.....$10,500

Total.............. Ding Ding Ding.. $1.4 million and change

Don't worry Jim, you are not the biggest scumbag at YRC..your girlfriend Pierson outdid you this year with his compensation package.. His numbers will be posted later. So make sure you follow along with us on this post..Everyone who took a raise this year at YRC will have their numbers posted.

It's beginning to look alot like Christmas!!!! Everyone sing along!!! Everywhere you gooooooo!!!!
Very Good Post and YES it's about time he starts to give some back !!! plus Hoffa needs to give some back too, as Hoffa collects over $1.3 million in dues each month off 26,000. workers !!!!
I have talked to a very smart financial adviser and he took a look at all of yrcw"s claims and he did agree we owe a lot of money BUT, he also said in his opinion we are in ok shape and getting better every quarter. In his review he concluded that yrcw is trying to scare its employees into this contract extension. He said it is common practice amongst big corporations. He advised in this instance to vote HELL NO!!!
The Teamster members own 25% of the stock, Vote no on his appointment at on your next proxy vote. if we make it that far, spread the word. don't just throw away your proxy vote. Vote NO
when there is a plan that gets us in the black, without further sacrifice or continued sacrifice, then when we are in the black, give welch a bonus.
we should all get a bonus now.
if the mou is the new paradigm, we will not recruit new, good employees, and those that can leave, will leave.
my plan is to go asap, i'll take a huge beating on my pension, but will collect far more than anybody hired in the last 8-10 years, much less the last few months. our future pension is a joke.
calling out albag

Bring back Jim Staley!

I have read almost all your are one uneducated dumbass.jim staley sold you down the river he made his millions while you went broke. He told the 820 employees he had a fiduciary responsibility to entertain alloffers that would make the shareholders money that included the offer from yellow. The roadway teamsters ran his ass off the dock. your minimum wage minimum effort is laughable Hunter S Thompson is your picture are you kidding me he would roll over in his grave if he wasnt shot out of a cannon. You talk a big game. Just like all internet teamsters
But I guess we should blame this all on Staley since he sold the Big R to the devil?? How in the hell was he suppose to know Zollars was this big of an idiot?? Like Ive asked a few of the heritage YFS men I work with,, how did you guys make it as long as you did with Zollars runnin the show?? Hind sight 20/20 I bet Staley wouldve talked Sarah out of this deal,, this is the one time I wish we could back..