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FedEx Freight | raises// anyone heard anything


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Winter? Hell we got 10+ sitting home daily! Add we got 3 dovetailing in in September!

Guess who isn't sitting at home? PURCHASE TRANSPORTATION!!!!
Cheaper to pay a truckload carrier, X money a mile, and that’s it.


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My big issue is fedex set the bids. If the bids go over that what PT is for, but they are canceling bids and running PT! That's garbage! You set the bids not us! Now run your people not contractors!
Always been my understanding PT was more for running one way freight flow lanes rather than replacing our two way bid runs. I don’t believe it to be cheaper to leave a truck sitting in the lot and a driver at home than paying a contractor to move that freight both ways. Now if your truck doesn’t have anything but empties to come back the other way then yes it’s cheaper to use PT and why they do


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Well I think we may get a new lanyard for our work ID's which mines been expired since 12-21 and no one in management can seem to get me a new ID, and then the second part of the raise is you get ONE electrolyte popsicle per work day in the summer hours.
I mean that's all I'm expecting so if it's better than that then its all gravy from there
They’re waiting until they announce the name of the new combined opco free company. My vote is for “FedEx”, but that’s probably way too obvious for the decision makers to choose.


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I'm waiting for the ....
You should be happy to have a good job like this .

BTW , I've gotten .15 & .20 cent raises in my 42 years.
Then being told , we don't have to give a raise or that's
all we can afford as the that very person was building a
new lake home .

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Once again, making less than the year before.
Especially these last 2 years.

Also, while you're staring at a whole $50 more a week, remember the record profits they've reported the last 4 years.

Cripes, the bottom grade hourly guys are getting hosed hard.
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